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Where I started & lessons learned:

When I embarked on my PN journey a year ago, I thought I knew all there was to know about nutrition and fitness. All I hoped to get out of it was to get in better shape, drop a few pounds and be ready for my upcoming 40th high school reunion. I also was trying to wrap myself around the time frame of this program and how could it possibly be 11 months long?? How could there be that much information to educate participants on nutrition and fitness? Reflecting back on the program it is so much more than just nutrition and fitness. It’s a permanent lifestyle change ….physically and mentally….incorporating new and some familiar habits, understanding the psychology of food as a positive fuel source, making healthy choices that help you sleep better, think clearly, increase your physical stamina, reduce chronic illness/symptoms, allow you to say good bye to meds you no longer need, emulate a confident/positive attitude and be ready to tackle all that life has in store for you each and everyday.

Where I ended up:
I really enjoyed the daily lessons, exercises, periodic key workshops, weekly habits, upcoming week what to expect and summary of past week from our Coach, Mary. I looked forward to my daily PN email from my Coach, set my own personal goals and I incorporated PN into my daily routine. The program kept me accountable and allowed me to personalize my PN experience.

Success I experienced:
I suffer from chronic migrane headaches. With the help of PN, I modified my diet by eliminating food ingredients that were “my” migrane triggers, added supplements which helped me sleep & reduced my migrane symptoms, added whole foods choices and incorporated a variety of physical exercise on average 5 days a week. This combined with fully utilizing PN “habits” and eating PN whole foods learned through PN Book ( I still use the PN whole food book daily), I transformed my body by shedding 25 pounds. I look better, I feel better, I sleep better, I also got rid of a skin rash I had that I know now was food/stress related. My husband worked the program with me, making it easier on both of us, and he lost 30 pounds. So it was great for me that we did this together and both benefited. Now we both feel and look better. People comment all the time on how “youthful” we look and want to know how we did this.

Greatest Challenge: eating out at a restaurant
How I embrace that challenge: look up the restaurant menu online ahead of time. Look to see how an item is prepared. I narrow down my main course selection to 2 items. When I get to the restaurant I usually ask if the item can be grilled vs. fried, or if pan fried/sauteed, I ask if it can be prepared with olive oil rather than butter. Most restaurants are happy to comply. This allows me to make healthier choices when eating at a restaurant.

CB - July 2017 Cohort

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